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How dangerous is parkour

Parkour athletes whether bigger or professional should realize the risk of this sport as some online videos tell different stories. Many trecuers don’t take the danger seriously once watching some parkour video of parkour athletes performing reckless stunts. So how dangerous is parkour?

Parkour is getting more dangerous with every video unloading online. While the parkour athletes try to prove that he/ she is more extreme than other athletes, making the sport riskier. It encouraging the viewer to perform such a stunt to fit in parkour culture, but it isn’t true.

In this guide, we will find out the danger of parkour and what it can cause. Besides, the reader will learn how to lower such danger and practice parkour safely.


Here’s why parkour is dangerous:

Here’s why parkour is dangerous:

Parkour is dangerous as there is the risk of the die while performing irresponsible parkour stunts including jumping from rooftop to rooftop at deadly heights.

Besides, there is enough risk of getting an injury during performing parkour which can cause permanent damage to the ligaments, joints, and tendons. Parkour also inspire the trecuers to break the law by intruding into private property.

The starter shouldn’t take the parkour lightly and consider its risk strongly. Some dangerous aspects of parkour are:

  • Doing parkour can cause death
  • It is illegal in someplace and the trecuers can get arrested
  • Learning parkour without getting injured is difficult
  • Parkour Is An Extreme Sport that involves Dangerous Stunts
  • Parkour can cause permanent injury to the body
  • Avoiding the danger of parkour is a bit harder for beginner
  • It encourages performing Reckless Stunts for increasing Social Media Followers

Considering these risk factors will help you get a better mindset and preparation as well as lower the danger of starting or practicing parkour. Let’s discuss some of the key points broadly.


Doing parkour can cause death

It’s the most dangerous cause of parkour. Even some people already died during performing parkour stunts. In most situations, people fall from the top of the building and cause death. The reason behind it is people watch extreme stunts on videos like flipping and jumping from rooftops to rooftops.

These types of parkour videos get millions of views which inspire other trecuers to attempt such deadly stunts however those performed by professional parkour athletes.

Those videos mislead people as the viewer thinks it is easier to copy and they can do it as well. So due to the miscalculated jump or slip of the foot, they put them in trouble which ends up with death.


Way to lower the danger and perform parkour without dying

Way to lower the danger and perform parkour without dying

Firstly, the viewer should realize those deadly stunt videos don’t represent the goal of parkour. Most professional traceurs don’t perform such dangerous stunts since they can calculate the risk. They stick themselves performing parkour on ground level safely.

Secondly, the starter thing performing parkour is a great way to get millions of views. But it’s a total misconception that doesn’t have a relation with parkour. You don’t need to go to the top of the building and put yourself in danger.

Moreover, you should realize, they showed video is performed by highly trained professionals. They spend lots of time setting their mind and bodies to perform such dangerous parkour stunts.

So if you are willing to perform such parkour moves, train yourself for years and your skill to perform dangerous parkour stunts. But it is better to avoid such dangerous stunts and stick to ground-level parkour moves.


Parkour is illegal in someplace and the trecuers can get arrested

Undoubtedly, many people don’t like parkour, especially on their private property. Even you can get arrested if you don’t do something wrong.

For this reason, parkour is ban and mark as illegal in some places. Plus, many landowners believe, if you hurt yourself during practicing parkour on their property they can be reliable and it may cause an expensive repair.

Usually, parkour is a street sport that needs broad urban architecture and the parkour athletes don’t have such property. You can only practice on that property which the owner doesn’t mind and allow to do parkour training.

Sadly, traceur enters into private property for performing parkour and are sometimes charged with trespassing. Doing so can put you in trouble due to breaking the law and being fined.


Way to practice parkour moves without breaking the law

Way to practice parkour moves without breaking the law

You can experiment and check the private owner mentality by practicing parkour in their property. In many places, the landowner doesn’t mind and allow to practice.

Conversely, if they mind, they will tell you to stop practicing in their land. If so, find a different place and start practicing.

Don’t dare to fight with them if they don’t let you practice on their property. It will put you in more trouble as they can call the police and get you arrested and charge a fine. Experimenting in multiple places, you will find a safe place to practice parkour confidently.

Another thing you can do is practicing parkour in such a time when people won’t watch you. In this way, you can practice parkour without alerting them.

If it doesn’t work, the last thing you can do is running. If you can run fast, you can easily escape from getting caught.

Finally, you can join the parkour gym in your area. It will keep you from getting arrested or charging a fine and prepare you as a professional parkour athlete.

However, the gym isn’t the best place to practice parkour but it will keep you from the danger of the outside world. The advantage of practicing parkour in the gym is it is safer as it has safety mats and foam pits in the ground which lower the risk.


Final words

So how dangerous is parkour? Parkour is an extremely dangerous sport as it is related to dangerous stunts. You can’t avoid the risk whether you are a beginner or advanced parkour athlete.

But you can lower the risk by practicing safely in a safe place, maintaining some rules, and taking patience. So realize your skill level and improve it day by day and don’t break any rules of local places to avoid fines.

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