How to Pack For Parkour Holiday

Parkour Holiday-How to Pack For Parkour Holiday

How to Pack For Parkour Holiday

Parkour Holiday-How to Pack For Parkour Holiday

Parkour workouts aren’t limited in space or ground like other standard sports, you can use the whole earth as your playground. If you are feeling bored of practicing parkour in the same spot every day, choose some exciting place, prepare a backpack and go out for the journey. But when it comes to being prepared, you must know how to pack for a parkour holiday.

It’s a vital skill not only to make the trip safe but also to enjoy every moment of it. In the following we have briefly discussed what to pack in a parkour backpack to make the trip exciting.

Let’s start with the most vital essential!

A Good Parkour Bag

Vintage Parkour Free Running Funny Unisex Backpack-How to Pack For Parkour Holiday

It doesn’t matter what types of parkour steps you do, you should have some secure storage space to keep your essentials. Despite this, you must load the bag ergonomically. It means the bag should be balanced instead of posterior loading the backpack.

This way, you can save your back by preventing overload and keeping the bag lightweight. It’s especially true if you need to run during the trip.

When it comes to buying a parkour backpack, you should decide depending on the sort of use you require out of it. For a quick parkour trip, you can use a hydration pack. By removing its bladder, this backpack will fit in your middle back. Though it doesn’t hold much, it has enough storage space to hold the essentials for a short day trip.

But if you need a backpack for a longer trip, you can buy a parkour arial pack. These are slightly expensive but specially designed for parkour use, lightweight and durable.


Welch's Fruit Snacks-How to Pack For Parkour Holiday

It’s an essential thing to put into a parkour backpack, but the amount depends on the available storage space. During a parkour trip, you will expend plenty of energy, and snacks will replace it. If your parkour backpack doesn’t have much room, add a few protein bars or a few trail mixes with nuts. Since you’ll use the larger bag for a longer parkour holiday, you can add a bit more.

Water bottle

Water bottle-How to Pack For Parkour Holiday

You should put a bottle of water in too. Most parkour backpacks have special space for a water bottle. If your bag doesn’t have any, carry a water bladder for hikers or go to an area where water is commonly available.

Remember, hydration gets priority on parkour trips, and parkour is an intense activity. don’t drink much water before parkour training. Instead, keep a water bottle in your backpack and drink it after the parkour workout.

First Aid

First Aid-How to Pack For Parkour Holiday

First aid is a must-have essential to put into a parkour backpack. A tiny first aid kit easily fits into the smallest spaces. However, larger parkour backpacks offer enough space for something that will be a lifesaver during an emergency.

The reason is that, during parkour training, you can get injured and this first aid will help you recover quickly, avoiding having to cancel the trip to go to the hospital. However, a severe injury will admit you to the hospital.


Identity-How to Pack For Parkour Holiday

Keep your wallet and cell phone with you at all times. Many people consider carrying them in a holster, but doing so increases the risk of loss due to rolls or falls.

This identity will save you and let you get back to the family about something that happened during the parkour trip. You should also keep the medical alert card in your wallet. This will inform other people about your medical issues, allergies, or other conditions you may have.

The Long Haul


Many traceurs pick the best parkour spots for their travels. If you have the same plan, you’ll need a large backpack that fits your laptop. It should also hold some extra sets of clothes, a hat, a hair tie, and sunglasses.

A bandana will keep your hair back on sunny days, and you can use it as a sleep mask as well.

You can also pack a decent DSLR or a smartphone to record larger shots, especially if you plan on documenting the trip.

Don’t forget to pack a solar-style universal charger or a battery to keep active all of your electronic devices.

Pack some lotion and lip balm to protect your skin. If you have sensitive skin, don’t forget to pack sunscreen.


Gloves-How to Pack For Parkour Holiday

Last but not the least; gloves will come in handy if you plan to go closer to nature. Though many advanced parkour practitioners don’t use it, it can make your trip safer.

It’s a lifesaver for beginners to train that area because it can injure the hand or fingers. This will also help keep your parkour holiday trip going if you already have small wounds and cuts on your hands.

Final words


Learning how to pack for a parkour holiday is a must-have trip, whether you are an expert trajector or a beginner trainer. This will help you pick the right size backpack based on the duration of the trip and will help you make the most of every inch of the storage space to save your life and make the trip memorable.

I hope now you know what to put into your parkour backpack. Now choose the right parkour spot to learn some parkour moves, share traditions and enjoy nature, and finally prepare your backpack and go out.








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