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How To Warm Up For Parkour f

Warm-up is a vital step to prepare both the mind and body for the main physical activity. Likewise other sport, parkour also require warm-up season so the trcuers can prepare for the main practice.

However, due to the lack of learning how to warm up for parkour properly, many trainers ruin the main practice. That’s the reason this parkour warm-up guide is important.

We have listed some easier yet effective moves in this guide that are ideal for the warm-up season. Learning these common parkour moves will keep the trcuers perform anything wrong and prevent damage during the training season.

Lastly, the guide includes some key advantages of warm-up that will encourage the trainer for the warm-up season.


The ultimate parkour warm-up guide

The proper way of warm-up is to practice the less intense version that whatever you have planned for a parkour training session. Anything extreme can ruin your warm-up and cause pain instead of preparing you. The warm-up should be the easier version of your practice season. It is better to practice some basic moves of parkour in the warm-up to prepare the body and mind. Following are some common parkour moves that should try in warm-up season:


Broad Jumps

Broad Jumps fo rhow to warm up for parkour

It’s a vertical jump where you need to jump forward. Practicing small broad jump in warm-up season greatly helps the body and mind to prepare for parkour jumping moves. This move can be included in training season if the trcuers want to try easy parkour flips.


Small Vaults

After learning some common parkour vaults for beginners, you can easily practice those as a parkour warm routine. Just find low obstacles which don’t need much attempt to vault over to use and apply it as a parkour warm-up exercise.


Quadrupedal Movements

It’s a type of movement that involves the trainer walking on all fours. A different variation you can perform is as a full-body warm-up for parkour. These basic parkour moves will active all your major muscles in the body and make them ready for the strenuous nature of parkour. These will greatly improve your body condition working as a parkour exercise.


Short Jogs

Short Jogs for worm up

Consistently running is an integral part of parkour. So practicing a short leg can prepare trecuers for just common moves. Jogging is a crucial exercise in warm-up since it not only increases the heart rate but also improves the body temperature.


Things that shouldn’t do in parkour warm-up


Static Stretching

Static Stretching how to warm up for parkour

Many professional trcuers believe that stretching isn’t a proper way of warm-up for practicing parkour. Stretching before parkour can reduce performance, endurance, and strength. The reason is stretching hurts the muscle and can cause a tear. More importantly, it isn’t necessary to be flexible in such a way since there is plenty of better way being flexible.


Tiring Yourself Out

Some trainers spend so much time in the warm-up that they don’t spend in the main event. Be careful and warm up for a fixed time so you can practice the main parkour properly. For example, doing the right thing, spending about 15 minutes in the warm-up is good enough. Spending more time than this will cause you to tired and you won’t be ready for practicing parkour moves.


The advantage of warming up before practicing parkour


Warming up greatly increase the blood temperature

Increased blood temperature means oxygen won’t bind to hemoglobin much. Thus you will have more oxygen to offer muscle to increase endurance. Another advantage of more oxygen is it will let you practice the parkour for more time.


Increase the muscle temperature

Increase the muscle temperature

Hotter muscles offer better performance than cold muscles as they have tougher contractions and offer those contractions quickly. it will make the muscle stronger and more active. Conversely, warm muscle is more flexible that lower the risk of overstretching.


It causes the blood vessels to dilate

Along with the improvement of body temperature, blood vessels also open up. As a result, it improves the blood flow through the muscle as well as other parts of the body. It also sent more oxygen throughout the body and helps take more carbon dioxide.


Help prepare the mind

Warming up is a great way to prepare the mind for practicing other parkour moves during training season. It will refresh the mind and let you completely concentrate on parkour and practice properly.


Final words

Likewise, in other sport and exercises, parkour training also demands warm-up season to prepare the trcuers for the environment of parkour. So learning how to warm up for parkour will not only help the trecuers warm-up in proper but also prevent ruin the training season doing wrong steps.

Throughout the guide, we discussed plenty of basic parkour moves that are easier to perform and effective for prepare the trcuers. Finally don’t spend much time on warm-up, otherwise, it will ruin the main training season.

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