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Parkour for Beginner Topic with a step-by-step Guide

Today we will discuss parkour for beginner topic with a step-by-step guide to help the beginner parkour trainer. Besides we will teach

  • What is Parkour?
  • Difference between Parkour and Freerunning
  • Why Practice Parkour?
  • How to Get Started With Parkour
  • And more

So let’s test what we have cooked!


What is Parkour for Beginner?

What is Parkours?

Parkour is just moving through the individual’s environment efficiently and naturally. Parkour practitioners, who are known as traceurs jump, vault, and climb over obstacles in their path. The main intention of traceurs is to get from point A to point B as efficiently as possible.

The history of parkour is quite attractive. It started in France and it has roots in evasion tactics, military escape, and 19th-century physical culture.

However, the word parkour comes from the French fresh and it was an obstacle course-based method of training that was trained in the French military. In short, parkour was developed as a tactical skill and it was the way to build the fitness of soldiers.


The Difference between Parkour and Freerunning

Parkour and freerunning have lots of in common since having slight differences.

Parkour is like maneuvering through the environment efficiently using swings, jumping, and vaults. It doesn’t need any wall spins, flips, and other acrobatics. On the other hand, efficiency is less of a concern with freerunning and people allow to throw in these types of cool-looking acrobatic movements.

So if you watch people doing flips and spins off walls, it is freerunning. Besides if you find them vaulting and jumping over urban obstacles without acrobatics, it is parkour that they are doing.


Why Practice Parkour?

Parkour is fun! It makes the whole world a playground for travelers. Besides, it brings a novel way to maneuver through the environment, and help imagine running away from zombies or ninja assassins. It exposes the inner child who keeps dormant for long and allows them to explore the world without limits.


The whole body work out

It’s a great exercise. As the people had to perform jumping, running, climbing and swingings, it greatly helps improve body awareness and coordination.


Taking challenge

Parkour is a challenging game. it pushes people mentally and physically. As a starter, people may not be able to perform certain moves but after some practice, they will gain strength and coordination.

At a first, appear you find an obstacle that you will feel difficult to surmount, but after digging in deep, you will find the way to make it possible. In fact, parkour brings challenging task and offer the way and strength to win against it. After overcoming these challenges people get the confidence to carry it over life.


Allow making new friends

It’s a social sport that needs a group. The community of parkour is supportive and very friendly. Besides, it is not about the competition while the initial goal is to have a good time and help each other.


Parkour can save a life

Parkour can save a life

It’s the best thing that every people should have the ability to save themselves. Especially, parkour offers the skills and physical conditioning to do so.

However, it’s just an imagination escaping from zombies and evades in an urban environment, but know when the time will come while you will have to run, jump, and climb over obstacles? Are you prepared for that? Parkour can help you in this situation.


Improve creativity

Parkour help to look at the environment creatively. Rather than interacting and maneuvering through the world, some people love to do parkour to explore the world to get some architect knowledge. While exploring traceurs often find something new including a rail track, bridge to try new moves. This brings a creative solution to deal with the problem at work or in personal life.


How to Get Started With Parkour

How to Get Started With Parkours

Join with a parkour group

Join with a parkour group

The best way to learn Parkour for Beginner is to find a local group and join them.  People of this sport’s community are amazingly friendly and also supportive.  You will get some practical valuable trips from those folks who are doing it for a while.

At the same time, you will find a cough that will teach you the hard move. Even you will have somebody around you who will take care of you if you suddenly fall.


Joining a parkour academy

Joining a parkours academy

In some cities and villages also, there have several academies that teach parkour. If you are lucky enough you can find one of them in your area. Since, they are new in the country, so they don’t have too many branches.


Be safe

It won’t be a good idea to take unnecessary risks, especially for learners.  The initial goal should be to have quality time and pushing beyond the comfort zone, without getting hurt. So your first question would be how I can perform without getting injured.

Train with a group or a partner so you can practice your move and after getting hurt you can ask for help immediately. Be sure to check the environment for any potential hazards before you start your training including broken glass, stone, or other dangerous particles.


Practice slowly

Realize your limit. Observing people doing crazy flips and aerials from giant buildings doesn’t mean that you have to do so. Don’t try harder at the earlier stage.

Besides don’t get so cocky about your abilities and don’t make any move so seriously. It’s parkour where fall can hurt.


Respect private property

Keep the limitation of parkour in public spaces like parks and city plazas. Don’t try it on high pedestrian traffic and try to avoid private property.

Parkour is still a new game In the US and if you perform it in a good way will help it to get a good name and more popularity.


Final words

The main intention of our parkour for beginner guide was to provide you the basic knowledge on park out. That’s why through the article we have discussed several basic things about parkour. Hope you find the guide helpful ad information.

As days will go on we will keep providing you all the necessary tips, tricks, recommendations, and all the needed knowledge about parkour. So stay with us!

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