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Parkour Protective Gear

Parkour is such a sport where don’t need any kind of equipment except skill. But having parkour protective gear can help traceurs especially starter practice the discipline safely and confidently.

After focusing on many parkour moves we have found some can help you practice the discipline safely and confidently. equipment essential for traceurs to ensure safer and easier moves.

In this guide, we have made a list of parkour protective gear that also help improve parkour skill. So let’s check these out to realize the importance of this gear if there any.


Parkour protective gear list


Parkour Book

Parkour Protective Gear  Book for human
The first piece of equipment required is a parkour book. It should have close to the training side while it is hard to remember some tricks. The parkour book for beginners is the must-have essential for every traceur.

Parkour is not just climbing and running and one can’t be pro without learning the philosophy, technique, and culture. A parkour book covers all the information.

However there is a range of options, but The Parkour and Freerunning Handbook will be the right choice. Made of experts this parkour book covers the entire information of parkour world which available on amazon.


Parkour Gloves for Practice

Parkour Gloves for Practice

Though traceur isn’t recommended any type of protective gear still it is essential for at least some protection. Parkour gloves are such a protective gear that can keep a hand from getting hurt. Besides, it allows the traceur to practice the parkour for a longer time efficiently.

It is important to practice any move safety, especially for the beginner. You can get any gloves for parkour training but the hour recommendation is The Harbinger Pro Gloves.

This glove is made of leather to enhance durability and design with fingerless for higher grip. It’s a part of the parkour protective gear list due to the comfort and protection it is offered.


Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

While practicing parkour, one needs to lift many times. For a beginner, practicing pullups is among those initial parkour moves. Learning new tips like pull-ups, the traceur has to be safe and confident without the fear of getting injured. a multi-grip pull-up bar allows the traceur to do so.

Besides, it can be an effective gear to practice muscle ups and wide-angle pull-ups to improve wall climbs, cat leaps, and handgrip strength.

This parkour gear  can be placed in the doorways to practice a full upper body workout. To perform parkour gear moves successfully, make sure you are getting a multi-grip pullup bar that can hold at least 300 lbs of weight.


Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Running Shoes

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Running Shoes

The next consideration is shoes for which traceurs often fret about. it can ruin lots of sooner since the traceurs had to perform a lot of leg work and friction. So without choosing the right shoe they can’t concentrate on the training. Moreover choosing a poor quality shoe for parkour will replace every two months on average which will be costly.

Since parkour shoes are the most important parkour protective gear for any traceur, we recommend Onitsuka Tiger Running Shoes. It is made of an excellent flat rubber sole, durable, and highly comfortable.


Parkour Pants

Parkour Protective Gear Pants for human

Parkour pants are another protective gear that allows you to move freely. Whichever pant you choose it should be stretchable that will be helpful for beginner. However, the traceur who have a particular choice can go for baggy, and sweat pants.

Many girls like to wear yoga pants for practicing parkour.  The reason is yoga pants are stretchable and provide better protection from bruises.

Cargo pants are also preferred by many people since they have pockets and allow them to keep essentials while doing parkour moves. So, yoga pants, baggy pants, and trousers all are good options to wear for practicing parkour moves freely.


Parkour Running Bags

Parkour Protective Gear Running Bags

The next parkour protective gear is parkour bags. However it is a necessity for doing parkour neither recommended by most traceurs, still, it can help keep their belongings in them.

It depends on the user which type of bag they will buy. Usually, running bags and light polythene bags are popular for keeping essentials.

These are small and don’t hamper the movement during the practice. Besides these allow performing almost all sort of moves except rolls. Since the bag is attached to the front or backside, they make it tough to roll.




Has anyone died doing parkour?

Parkour is a risky disciple that people have died performing these tricks. However, the number is not many while doing parkour are reported. Famous Russian traceur Pavel Kashin died fell from 16 stories while performing a stunt on a building rooftop.


Is Parkour illegal in America?

Performing parkour is not illegal in America but it’s not allowed to on the private property. If you do so, there is a chance of getting cited, fined, or even arrested according to the law. It can be a high-risk practice that can end up in legal trouble.


Can parkour be self-taught?

Yes, it can be self-taught, however, it is tougher. Through persistence, patience, and practice, anyone can learn parkour without paying for taking a class or to the trainer.


Final words

In the end, you have a complete parkour protective gear list to ensure a safer adventure. Even after having these necessary one should not practice any move in a hurry. It needs patience and practice to perform any parkour moves properly and safely.

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