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Parkour vs Gymnastics

Parkour vs gymnastics, what are the differences? Are they the same? These are the common confusion among folks who are planning to learn either of these techniques.

Following the guide, we have discussed both the similarities and differences between parkour and gymnastics and mentioned their related information. So read on to make the informed decision.


What is parkour?

What is parkour

Parkour originated in Paris, France earlier in the 1980s and 90s and it’s a movement-based sport. It involves finding ways over and around the urban environment and obstacles come in front. Traceurs try and move freely while using the obstacles to get from one place to other in a smooth yet challenging way.

Parkour is a culture, a form of art, and more than a sport. Even it has a close-knit community consisting of people who have a shared philosophy.


Is parkour similar to gymnastics?

Parkour and gymnastic have plenty of shared movements including landing, jumping, flipping, and rolling. The somersaults and flips are performed from rooftops and walls in parkour. It’s a basic and similar skill used in gymnastics.

For example, for performing a somersault, you’ll have to rake off, turn and land. The biomechanics and principles are the same identical in gymnastics and parkour except for the performing place. Twisting somersaults are also practiced regularly in gymnastics and parkour.

The kong vault in parkour is also similar to the squat through the vault in gymnastics where need to hurdle different obstacles.

In either move, the performer needs to place his hands on the vault top or obstacles and carry the legs up into the chest and over the vault. The movement is the same however performed under different obstacles.

Another shared thing between the two sports is balance, particularly dynamic balance. In general, dynamic balance is the thought of balancing while moving. For instance, running along a high wall is similar to traveling along a balanced team in gymnastics.


Difference between gymnastics and parkour

The key difference between parkour and gymnastic is the place where these are practiced. While parkour is practiced outside, gymnastics is an inside thing.

However, gymnastics wasn’t an inside sport always. Actually, until the 2nd world war, gymnastics was an event in the Olympics games and it was performed outside. Gymnastics also perform in the year 1960, in the Rome Olympics.

However, it was a certain type of apparatus like beams, rings, and pommel horse. The apparatus had to follow harsh shape and size guidelines ordered by the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG) especially for performing elite levels gymnastics. Even the gymnasts have to wear leotards following the specific regulations.

Conversely, parkour needs to perform using natural surroundings like walls, rooftops, buildings, and fences. The performer of parkour is strictly against making it organized and regulated formally like gymnastics.

In parkour, there is no fixed uniform and people practice it in trainers unlike the bare feet of gymnastics. Despite this, parkour is non-competitive and traceurs mostly focus on improving themselves instead of gaining a competitive score.


Does gymnastics help in Parkour?

Undoubtedly, gymnastics help in parkour. However, the process of landing safely with control in gymnastics is quite tough. It needs to repeat continuously for a longer time to become a master of it.

That’s why performers use high and soft mats to lower the risk of injury.

Apart from that, strength-building exercises and continuous stretches are also an important part of gymnastics which help learn parkour.

Through gymnastics aid in parkour, most of the traceurs don’t get gymnastic training even at the basic level.


Can traceurs practice Parkour vs Gymnastics facility?

Recently, many parkour practitioners are using gymnastic equipment to learn somersaults, advanced flips, and twists.

Most gymnastics appreciate it, particularly open classes or adult gymnastics classes. Other facilities don’t welcome it, especially those who want to learn traditional gymnastics disciplines.

In 2018, the FIG added parkour as a recognized discipline. That’s why gymnastics facilities get a chance to offer structured Parkour programs in their services.

Even some facilities open indoor gyms that are particularly designed for practicing parkour. there are some Continental Gymnastics in the United Kingdom that sells Modubox. you can install it in professional gym facilities and attach ramps, blocks and obstacles usually found outdoors.


Is gymnastics harder than other sports?

Gymnastics is one of the toughest sports in the words even in both physically and mentally.


Final Words

After reading this parkour vs gymnastics debating guide, hope you got their differences. But if you are concerned about whether parkour or gymnastic is better, it depends on the individual’s preferences.

Gymnastics is typically tougher to learn, hence requiring a matted and safe environment. Conversely, parkour is a great way to explore and considerably easier to learn.


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