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The complete list of Basic Parkour Moves

Do you intend to learn basic parkour moves? Get strong inspiration about parkour? Millions are inspired to learn parkour but they can’t due to a lack of the right amount of training and preparation.

Parkour gear is subject to lots of things that had to gain day by day. Basic parkour moves are among the initial steps to be master on parkour. However, it needs mentally and physically prepared to start with.

In this article, we have covered some basic yet crucial parkour moves that are mostly used and need to practice before jump to the advanced level. So let’s get it!

Get Ready for some Basic Parkour Moves

Once you have to get prepared both mentally and physically for parkour training, you will need to start with some common movement. You will have to be a master of these basic movements so you can move through the next advanced parkour move and practice them safely.


Balancing is crucial in parkour, especially for beginners. Since you will have to often jump and walking to small areas like wall edges and rails so without proper balance you will get injured. Besides, it will have to improve your muscle strength and coordination to prevent tumbling to the ground. So you should start with balancing by walking and standing on the rail. At this time you can get help from slacklining to improve your balance.


parkour Running for human

To escape from a zombie or other malicious pursuers especially in urban you will have to run fast for longer. Running in parkour needs both endurance and explosive sprinting. Practice running regularly along with speed will help you gain the skill.

Basic Parkour Moves For Jumping and Dropping

Jumping and Dropping for human

Jumping is a vital skill in parkour. You will have to jump often to overcome height differences and deal with gaps and obstacles.

Precision jumping

Precision jumping will help you to land successfully on small areas like stepping stones in the middle of the water and a small surface on top of a wall. To achieve this skill you will need strong concentration, balance, and knowledge of your limitations.


It’s a short combination of a jump and a wall climb. After gaining this technique you can reach a higher place than you with a jump. Hope you have seen these tic- tacs on American Ninja Warrior or in martial arts movies

A person had to run towards a wall at an angle, and then he had to set his foot on the wall, by pushing off the wall using food he had to jump to a higher level. Tic Tac also use with another movement.


Jumping from higher to lower level is called the drop. As a beginner, you should not practice drop from anything higher than head-level. Firstly you will have to be master on landing.


Whatever you are practicing parkour or freerunning, landing is mostly essential to land safely and efficiently after dropping or jumping. A proper landing will help you to get up immediately and continue moving to the next obstacle. Most importantly you won’t have to make a trip to the emergency room.

Usually, a proper landing depends on the following factors

  • The distance of the jump
  • The height where you are landing from
  • Landing surface
  • Preceding move

Two-foot landing

Considering effectiveness, Two-foot landings are better than one-foot landings, since they reduce more stress during landing. While landing ensures the first contact in the ground with the balls of the feet, knees over the tips of toes, and shoulder-width apart.

Try to land as soft as possible. to ensure soft landing you will have to bend your knees as you land and don’t bend over 90 degrees. On the other hand, if you are dropping or jumping from a high level or landing with more forward momentum, make your torso sink towards the lag. Then place both the hand on the ground so they can soak up some impact. Moreover, it will help you to spring up and quickly run to the next obstacle. It will need more practice, so you should start with lower drops before moving to higher.


parkour Rolling for human

Rolling is an excellent skill and a type of landing that helps prevent injury. After landing, rolling spreads out the power of impact over the other part of the body to reduce the change of injury.

If you’re jumping horizontally with great forward speed or dropping from more heights, then you must roll after landing.


While running, you may often face an obstacle that are4 too high to jump over. This is where you will have to apply to the vault. Placing a hand on an object to clear it is called vaulting. Depending on the obstacle and personal preference, there are several types of vaulting. We will discuss the five following types of vaulting that are mostly used.

Step vault.

It is the easiest and safest type of vaulting and it set the foundation for the rest. This skill mostly use to approach an obstacle gradually

Speed vault.

As the title suggests, this vault is applied while running at full speed.

Lazy Vault

To approach an obstacle at an angle, this is a good vault to use. If you need to go sideways over the obstacle even without touching it by feet and need one hand planted on the obstacle, you should apply this technique.

Kong Vault.

While performing Kong vaults you may seem jumping over police cars. Especially it an advanced vaulting technique so you shouldn’t try this before getting enough experience on parkour.

Dash Vault

It’s a short form of kong vault where leap feet first rather than the head.

Basic Parkour Moves For Climbing

parkour Climbing for human

Climbing is another basic parkour move that uses often. Sometimes traceurs find it easier to use to get to a higher level. As a starter, you should perform climbing slowly. Since you aren’t having any safety harnesses, so falling for a higher level can take you to the hospital or even six feet under. Thus the basic rule of parkour is you shouldn’t climb higher from where you can’t jump. Following a most famous climbing technique will help traceurs to gain the skill.

Wall run

Wall run for human practise

This technic allows you to climb up a high wall quickly. it’s a misleadingly complex movement. However wall run is a famous obstacle on American Ninja Warrior, but many traceurs have trouble with it. To perform a proper wall run you will have to run, jump, climb, and drop in one fluid motion, so it’s not so simple as people think.

Basic Parkour Moves For Swinging

Swinging for human

You may have to use swinging to escape from zombies while you are running in urban. Traceurs often use swings to cross an obstacle where a gap between the ground and a rail. Apart from the basic underbar swing, you can enjoy using the spiral underbar swing. You will have to hold the bar in such a way that let you spin as you swing under the bar

Final words

To gain basic parkour gear moves successfully you will have to be fit in mentally and physically. Besides, strong patience, determination, and concentration will help you reach the goal speedily. For the starter, it is most essential to improve and learn at your own pace. Keep in mind you shouldn’t rush through and don’t try something if you aren’t sure about it. So first of all overcome your fears and inhibitions and keep practicing safely these basic parkour moves.

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