Why You Should Handstand Every Day?

Why You Should Handstand Every Day?

It’s not uncommon to see a celebrity, traceurs, or bodybuilders perform a handstand. If you are thinking they all keep their bodies upside down only to enjoy, you are wrong. Handstand a highly effective exercise or parkour move to enhance both physical and mental health. Learning why you should handstand every day can realize why this exercise is so popular and you should start practicing.

Following we have listed a few most exciting benefits of practicing handstand every day to convince you to enjoy this workout and maintain a healthy life.


Why you should handstand every day? – 5 most impressive reasons

Handstand is an underrated exercise as many people feel it is hard to do. It doesn’t mean you can’t start handstands today since you didn’t go to the gym or didn’t practice advanced yoga. Apart from taking out your inner kid and funny parkour step to do, there are lots of ways handstands is beneficial to health especially if you practice regularly.

Even you can do a handstand against a wall or practice freestanding one. Following are a few key benefits of doing handstands regularly.

1. Make the upper body super strong

Make the upper body super strong-Why You Should Handstand Every Day?

To stay upside down, you will require a huge amount of strength on the arm, shoulder, and upper back. Even it’s not uncommon to see a bigger shaking after holding a handstand for a few seconds.

Hold your handstand position against a wall for 5 to 10 seconds to build up strength. Then work up to hold this position for one or two minutes continuously. Regularly practicing this handstands exercise will make your upper body highly strong.

2. Increase the balance

Increase the balance-Why You Should Handstand Every Day?

After trying to handstand you will realize this practice require substantial balancing skills to hold the body up along with being strong. Particularly for Freestanding handstands, you should have full control over the muscles and need to adjust the control frequently to avoid falling.

Whether you are practicing handstands against a wall and attempting to take the feet off the wall or doing freestanding handstands, it will increase your ability to balance the body.

3. Boost the mood

Boost the mood-Why You Should Handstand Every Day?

Along with making you strong and improving the ability to balance the body, handstands will feel you happier. The reason is it feels you stressed out by increasing blood flow that produces energizing and calming effect on the brain.

Handstand also helps reduce the production of the stress hormone that helps increase the mood. Even it not only de-stress people but also helps relieve minor anxiety and depression.

4. Build core strength

Build core strength-Why You Should Handstand Every Day?

Learning handstands will eliminate your need of spending hours focusing on abs. by practicing handstands you can build core strength most funny way. The reason is staying upside down encourages the practitioner to stabilize the muscles that lead through continuous work on abs and other key muscle groups like hamstrings, obliques hip flexors, inner thigh muscles, and lower back. In short, training handstands regularly will give a well-balanced and super strong core.

5. Help with circulation, bone health, and breathing

Help with circulation, bone health, and breathing-Why You Should Handstand Every Day?

Handstands are technically a type of weight-bearing workout that can make the bones stronger and make the practitioner less tend to osteoporosis. Exercise is also helpful for the spine and greatly helps improve bone health in the arms, shoulder, and wrists.

Even the upside-down nature of this workout enhances circulation to the practitioner’s upper body as well as relieves the pressure on legs and feet. At the same time, handstands stretch the diaphragm which can increase blood flow to the lungs.



Should I practice handstands regularly?

Handstand stabilizes muscles, abs, obliques, and lower back. However, you can strengthen your body only if train your handstand regularly. Even practicing handstands ensure well balanced and extremely strong core.

Is practicing handstand healthy?

Handstands work on the core and improve the balance while providing the advantages of lymph flow and increased circulation. By practicing handstand, the practitioner engages his whole body including arms, shoulders core, and back. Overall handstands keep all the body parts fit and healthy.

How many handstands to do in a day?

You should do 3 handstands against a wall as long as possible every morning or a minimum of 5 days a week. Then rest for about 10 to 20 seconds in between every set. Try to keep the body upside down for a minimum of 90 seconds. But if your arm begins shaking, don’t continue and there’s nothing to worry too. It’s a positive sign of building up the strength.


Final words

Hopefully, you have got enough reasons why you should handstand every day. So start adding handstands into your regular exercise or parkour moves. If you can’t, then try at least a few days in a week. It will not only benefit your health but also boosts your mental mood as well. Likewise, in other parkour moves, don’t force your body to hold this upside-down position for long. Otherwise, the consequences won’t be good.






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